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Providing You A Fun-Filled Shopping Experience

If you’re looking for entertainment and exceptional experiences, head out to the movie theatre. You won’t just watch your favorite movies, but also get a break from your usually busy schedule to free your mind. The food court houses different restaurants and food outlets in the industry.

They serve most cuisines from around the world to meet your varied tastes and preferences. You’ll find anything from Mexican to French cuisines. Alternatively, head to the gaming zones if you’re into a computer or video game. We feature the latest games on the market to keep you coming back. What’s more, there’s a zone for virtual reality gaming. Choose from the usual computer games or opt for a realistic gaming experience like no other.

You can take your children to the kids’ zone for endless fun. They’ll access all kinds of outdoor games and even socialize with other kids. Derby City Antique Mall gives you an opportunity for a fun family outing within the city.
Our mall provides a fun-filled shopping experience for all our visitors. We’re dedicated to meeting the needs and expectations of shoppers to their satisfaction.
The mall is also popular among businesses. Entrepreneurs or business owners can set up a shop or store within our mall. We’re a sought-after shopping destination due to our prime location and easy access to other nearby businesses and attractions.

We provide shops for rental to businesses of all kinds. The shops vary in size to meet the unique needs of different businesses. Retail shops in our mall benefit from customers who visit other shops within the building. This allows different businesses to lure customers from their competitors.

What’s more, business owners save money on the effort and costs involved in mall or shop maintenance. With extra time, you can focus on the most important aspects of running your business. This helps improve productivity, sales, and thus profits.
Pop-up stores are also popular with our mall. They’re high traffic zones, making them ideal for attracting customers to buy or try out new products. Thousands of people visit our mall every single day, making for potential customers who try out new products.
Derby City Antique Mall targets both customers and businesses.

Therefore, we continue to grow and rise in popularity, locally and worldwide. People who travel to the local town from other regions, countries, and continents visit our mall for shopping. This provides for convenience and a unique experience during vacation or business travels.