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Antique Appliance Ideas to Buy for Your Retro Kitchen

Vintage kitchen décor inspire mental pictures of plastic-looking surfaces, linoleum, and pastels in the color of sweet candy. Other images that inspire vintage décor include:

  • Vintage pyrex
  • Bead-board paneling
  • White crockery
  • Plate racks
  • Sculpted wood hutches

Vintage décor inspire nostalgia feelings and can be both functional and eye-catching.

You can adjust and adapt your antiques, as in farmhouse kitchen décor, based on your preferences, budget, and space to create an impeccable vintage kitchen.

Heirloom or antique kitchen appliances are costly and difficult to find, meaning not everything in your kitchen can be truly vintage. What’s more, the functionality of vintage pieces may not keep up with the needs of your modern kitchen.

However, a few authentic antiques sprinkled in your kitchen for decoration can give it a truly retro look. You must make thoughtful design choices from the paint colors on your cabinets to the backsplash to attain your desired look.

With the right appliances or a mere paint job, you can give your cooking space an authentic vintage look. Making a few changes to your kitchen without doing a complete makeover is a cost-effective way of creating a retro feel and look.

Whether you’re remodeling your historic home or simply want to give your modern cooking space a vintage touch, you won’t go wrong with retro kitchen appliances. They have a visual impact great enough to influence the general appearance of your kitchen.

When choosing appliances, consider their finishing color, size or capacity, design, cost and brand, among other factors. With the right selection, you’ll end up buying something that’s both functional and decorative.

You may check out online reviews of antique shops and products to get started.

Ranging from retro, pastel refrigerators to toasters and blenders, here’re a few excellent vintage or out-of-date kitchen appliances to disrupt the nostalgic vibe in your kitchen. Inspire the 50s aesthetic beauty with these contemporary cooking appliances:

6 Vintage Appliances You Can Add to Your Kitchen for an Old-Fashioned Look

  • A functional stove with storage

Built with handy storage compartments, vintage stoves have a homey look and give a cozy vibe to your interior space. They’re also ideal if you’re into hosting parties or entertaining crowds at home.

Use the multiple stove compartments to cook different foods at varying temperatures while keeping others warm. Unlike a double oven that requires more space, a vintage stove is space-saving.

Look for McCoy contemporary stoves for the look you want. Otherwise, opt for modern models of the classics with similar functionality and look, but improved efficiency.

  • Wood stoves

Include a versatile wood stove in your kitchen for its multifunctional use. The stove is an old-fashioned classic appliances designed to deliver effective and cost-effective heating. It continues to work even if you experience power failure.

What’s more, a wood stove doubles as a stovetop as you deem fit. It’s also eco-friendly due to its carbon neutrality.

  • Contemporary tabletop grills

Vintage tabletop grills use charcoal to grill your favorite dishes from meats to vegetables. They’re green and give your food a great flavor.

Choose a grill of the right size and capacity to ensure that you can prepare mouthwatering barbecues for a pre-defined number of people without delay. However, you can also include a modern portable tabletop grill to meet your varying needs or for backup purposes.

Grilled food is also generally healthy and can be prepared outdoors. With the right grill, you’re guaranteed to give your kitchen a retro look and feel.

  • Horizontal double ovens

The ovens are built with a generous capacity and offer flexibility in cooking. Although most double ovens you’ll find on the market are stacked vertically, vintage ovens come in horizontal orientations. What’s more, the double oven has never become outdated.

Find side-by-side double ovens to add to your retro kitchen. Large ovens built with six to eight burners are increasingly growing in popularity.

  • Chantal vintage tea kettle

You’ll find a vintage-style tea kettle handy if you’re into drinking tea. It’s both functional and attractive, giving your kitchen a positive 50s nod.

Consider turquoise for your kettle to add a retro color into your kitchen. Pair it with a 1950s recipes book to improve your cooking.

  • Big Chill retro appliances

Big Chill is a brand popular for its authentic kitchen appliances. The retro-style brand focuses on manufacturing various appliances for your kitchen, including:

The appliances are also equipped with all the modern whistles and bells you’d want on your gadget, including the ENERGY STAR rating.


Whether you’ve tried a retro-style décor before or planning to decorate your kitchen that way for the first time, you won’t go wrong with antiques. Make sure that you’re buying from an authentic dealer to get value for your money.

However, vintage items don’t come cheap.

Prepare to dig deeper into your pockets for something that’s built to last a lifetime. If cared for well, you can expect your appliance to last many years for consistent use. What’s more, you can even pass it down your generation as a timeless family treasure.