About Us

Derby City Antique Mall is a modern shopping mall with all the facilities and amenities you’ll need when visiting. Built with the shopper in mind, we receive visits from different consumers with distinct needs. Our target visitors include both local and international visitors with varied shopping needs.

Whether you’re looking to shop for groceries or heading for your monthly household shopping, we’ve got all your needs covered. We don’t just cater to the needs of the elite in society, but also other users with basic to simple needs.
Our mall houses different shops to cater to the needs and budgets of our diverse visitors. Shoppers prefer our mall to others for varied reasons.

For starters, we offer a wide variety of products under one roof. When you go shopping, you don’t have to travel across different locations to get everything you need. At Derby City Antique Mall, we ensure that all your unique shopping needs are met under one roof to save you time and money.

We also offer different products from competing brands under the same roof. This makes it easier to look at different brands offering the same product to help you make an informed decision. You can do comparisons among top local and international brands to make the best purchases. Whether you prefer Nivea or Cussons for your skin products, we’ve got your needs covered. Apart from the wide variety of merchandise that a normal mall can provide, we house different retail stores to meet your unique shopping needs. 

The Derby City Antique Mall pays homage to high fashion with 30 signature stores in it. Ranging from Adidas to Nike for sports signature brands to Samsung and LG for electronics, we feature top brands from across the globe. Furthermore, we’ve partnered with the best-loved brands to ensure that individuals and families have fun experiences whenever they visit our mall.

We’ve invested in our own parking facility within the mall premises. We care about all our visitors, including those with private cars. We built a spacious parking lot that’s enough for over 200 cars. The parking has been fitted with security cameras for surveillance purposes.

We’ve also hired security personnel around the mall, including the parking area. This ensures that our visitors are safe at all times, including their cars and other valuables. Whether you’re heading to the mall for an eat-out with friends or family, or simply feel hungry while at the facility, you can head over to the food court. You can order anything from hot beverages such as coffee and tea to pizzas and delicious meals from your favorite brands or retailers.

Our Vision

The vision of Derby City Antique Mall is to offer shopping experiences like no other. We aim at being the most popular mall in the region and worldwide. We’re the go-to destination for anything you may need.


The mission of Derby City Antique Mall is to offer consumers different products from varied brands to meet their daily, weekly, or monthly needs. We rent space to retail outlets to ensure that whatever a visitor wants is made available.